21-09-2013 Stop racism! Stop the budget cuts!

21-09-2013stopracismeflyerA5voorkantOn September 21, a demonstration will take place in Den Haag under the motto, “Stop racism! Stop the budget cuts!” The intention of this demonstration is twofold; we want to speak out against the PVV, which is also having a demonstration on the same day in Den Haag, and also against the unacceptable austerity plans which the VVD/PvdA cabinet wants to implement.

It is important in times of crisis to be on the lookout for xenophobia and racist tendencies in society. Throughout Europe, extreme right parties are on the rise, for example in Greece where the fascist Golden Dawn party has grown and where racist violence is a daily occurrence.

It is necessary to resist against austerity and exploitation by banks etc., but we must not let ourselves be used by political parties because they would rather find a scapegoat than address the underlying problem.

While the bank managers get richer on the backs of people who already don’t have much, the budget for the social safety net of healthcare, pensions, and education gets cut. Libraries and youth centers have to close their doors because there supposedly is not enough money for them. There is enough money, but it is not fairly distributed. That is the problem and we have to do something about it!

Come to the demonstration and speak up against racism and austerity!

Location: Square in front of the Central Station, The Hague
Time: 12:00

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/504591266284790/


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